How To: Enable SSH

Installing SSH on Linux

The man page defines SSH as:

ssh — OpenSSH remote login client

Now, simply type (this one can be easily adjusted to other package managers):

[code]sudo apt install openssh-server[/code]

[code]ssh remote_user@ip.a.d.d.r[/code]

[code]ssh remote_user@host_name.local[/code]

[code]ssh kgiii@kgiii-msi.local[/code]


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How To: Turn Your Linux Box Into a WiFi Hotspot

Make a Linux WiFi Hotspot

linux-wifi-hotspot‘ Which is a great tool, complete with GUI if wanted, written by lakinduakash. It has only been around for a few years, but it’s spoken of very highly and it just works and works well.

[code]sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lakinduakash/lwh[/code]

[code]sudo apt update[/code]

[code]sudo apt install linux-wifi-hotspot[/code]

If you want, you can visit the link above, click on releases, and download the .deb file for the current release and just install it with gdebi.

[code]yay -S linux-wifi-hotspot[/code]

To check this, you need to run the following command:

[code]iw list | grep AP[/code]

Anyhow, the output should contain one or both of the following lines:

Device supports AP scan.


Driver supports full state transitions for AP/GO clients.

Let’s Spin up a Quick Python Server!

What to do? What to do?

SSH (secure shell) enabled on your desktop (in this scenario) and that you know how to use it. So, it’s with a giant assumption and a leap of faith when I say that you’ve successfully used SSH to get to your desktop and you’ve already navigated to the directory where this latest and greatest distro image resides.

SCP (secure copy protocol) if you wanted. That’s all well and good, but darn it we’re aiming for the most contrived situation possible just so I can tell you how to spin up a server with Python! So, for whatever reason, you’re hellbent on doing this in your browser. And do this in your browser you shall!

contribute to the site!

[code]python -V[/code]

[code]python -m SimpleHTTPServer[/code]

[code]python3 -m http.server[/code]


You're effectively running a simple server.

access by hostname
See? No IP address required! You can also use this for the above mentioned SSH!

Now, if you want to do so, you can also change the port number. This is the same for both commands. In both cases, just add your chosen port number at the end. Like so:

[code]python3 -m http.server 9000[/code]

And, again, it should look a bit like this:

See? It's a different port number.
Note the changed port number. You should probably avoid reserved ports.

[code]wget http://kgiii-lmde.local:9000/debian-10.8.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso[/code]

Is my Internal IP Address Static or Dynamic?

IP addresses if you want a more detailed explanation.

hostname, you can access it by IP address, and the address doesn’t change.

[code]ip addr[/code]

[code]valid_lft 39267sec[/code]

[code]valid_lft forever[/code]