How To: Enable Password-less SUDO.

This isn’t the smartest thing you can do. In fact, you probably shouldn’t do this. But, if you are comfortable with your physical security, you can use sudo without a password.

In my case, there’s not a whole lot folks are going to do with sudo on my computer. Anyone with physical access to my device is someone that I trust. I also run a ton of commands when hanging out in the support sites and I am frankly just tired of typing my password when I use sudo.

So, let’s get rid of it. Start by pressing CTRL + ALT + T, and then enter:

Scroll down to the bottom and add this line:

Where “<your_username>” substitute it with your actual username on your computer. Now save it with:




See that? You also may have just learned how use ‘nano’ to edit and save a text file while in the terminal. Pretty neat, huh? Anyhow, scroll up a little and look to the right. There’s a spot where you can enter a name and email address. If you do that (and confirm the email address) then you’ll get handy notices in the email when there’s a new article. I promise, I won’t send you a single non-site related email – ever.

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