Change the sort-order in Lubuntu Quick Launch

Lubuntu has gone from LXDE to LXQt. In LXQt there’s no way to drag the icons in the quick launch to sort them to your liking. Fear not, you can still sort them.

This one is actually pretty easy, you just have to know where to look.

Edit: Press and hold CTRL and then you can drag and drop them…

Navigate to ~/.config/lxqt/ and open ‘panel.conf’ with your favorite text editor. Scroll down until you see:


You’ll then see your quick-launch applications on their own line and they’ll have a numeric value. That numeric value is how you sort them. 

For example, mine looks like this:

In the ‘apps\1\desktop’ there is a 1. That translates to the furthest right icon in the quick launch area of the taskbar. If I wanted it to be on the furthest left, I’d change the 1 to a 6 and then change something else to be 1. It’s pretty straightforward. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to find that section. Why we can’t just drag them around like we could on LXDE is another matter entirely.

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One thought on “Change the sort-order in Lubuntu Quick Launch”

  1. *sighs*

    You can also right click on them and move them right and left. I swear that wasn’t there when I looked last night!

    This, folks, is why you don’t write articles when you’re well onto your second bottle of wine.

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