How To: Uninstall the Default Music Player in Elementary OS

The default music player in Elementary OS is kinda lame. There are many better choices. Once you’ve chosen one, this is how you remove the default music player in eOS.

This was asked on a forum that I visit and I took the time to find the answer. I figured that I’d not been able to easily find the answer with a search engine, so I might as well turn it into an article. It’s actually pretty simple.

eOS lacks any handy GUI system monitor that I could find, so I installed one. You might as well do the same. With eOS, you’re eventually going to want it – though top or htop or even atop do the job just as well. Anyhow, I installed one and found that closing the “” process closed the music player. Obviously, you can’t uninstall that. It’s part of some bigger package and eOS does things in unusual ways.

With further digging, I finally noticed an application called ‘noise’ in the list of running processes. Killing it would kill the music player, just like killing the process would. Finding this out pleased me.

It was actually pretty neat when I ran that command. It uninstalled the default music player but the dock still had the music player icon showing – and the command made that icon fade into a partially transparent icon. Slick move, eOS. Slick move…

At that point, I just decided I’d reboot. Y’all know how to do that already, but let’s do it from the terminal.

Or, if you want,  you can put them all together with one grand command that looks like this:

Press the enter button, type in your password, and go grab a snack – but just a quick one as it won’t take long before you’re back at the login screen without the default music player installed any longer.

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