Installing Google Earth on a Remote Computer

I wanted to test Google Earth Pro, but I didn’t want to install it on this computer. I wanted to install Google Earth Pro on a remote computer and test it there.

This is really just an expression of why I like Linux as much as I do. It allows me to be elegant and lazy!

First, I went to Google’s site for their Google Earth Pro application and found the download. It tried to make me download it automatically, and I canceled that. Instead, I right clicked on their link to ‘try again’ if the download didn’t start automatically and copied that link. Tada! 

Then, I opened my terminal…

I entered my password and was logged into that computer in the terminal. 

The next steps were just as easy.

Then I just waited and let it finish the task I’d set for it. Now, when I next go to that computer, or if I login with VNC, I can use Google Earth Pro and won’t have to go find the download, download it, and wait for it to install before I can use it. It’s already there, waiting for me to play with it.

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